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I) Legal Notice

1 Website ID

This legal notice (hereinafter, “Legal Notice”) governs the use of the Internet portal service “” that the public company Global Tourism Representation, SL (hereinafter the “Company” or “GRT”) makes available to Internet users.

Contact Global Tourism Representation, SL:

Address: Rambla de Catalunya 61, 5th – 3rd
CIF B 62717301
Contact Email:
Entered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, ​​Volume 34.138; Folio 189; HojaB-242 681;

2 Terms and Conditions of use of Web

2 1 Overview

Use of the Website www.spainrail.comatribuye user status thereof (hereinafter, the “User”) and implies full and unreserved acceptance of all and each of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the Global Representation version published by Tourist at the same time that the user accesses the said website. Consequently, the user must carefully read this Legal Notice in each of the occasions on which she intends to use the website, as it may be modified.

The use of certain services offered to Users through the website is subject to specific conditions (hereinafter the “Specific Terms”), as the case, substitute, complete and / or modify this Legal Notice. Therefore, before using such services, the user must also carefully read the relevant Conditions.

Global Representation Tourist SL informs that the access and use of the website and all subdomains and directories under the same (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Portal) and services through he is to receive, subject to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, if the same considerations detailed in the non-conformity, please do not use the Portal, and any use thereof or services included therein constitute your acceptance of the legal terms contained in this text.

The Portal aims to promote the activities and services provided by Global Representation Tourist SL, so the information in it’s main objective is to inform the user about the services offered, constituting, in his case, a mere invitation to contract, but never a binding offer. All products and services contained in the Website are provided by in accordance with current regulations.

Global Representation Tourist SL reserves the right to make changes to the Website without notice, in order to update, amend, modify, add or delete the contents of the website or its design. The contents of the website are updated regularly and, because the update of the information is not immediate, we suggest that you check the validity and accuracy of the information contained in the Portal.

The contents, commercial activities, products and services included in the Portal are not designed nor intended for persons residing in jurisdictions where their contents are not authorized.

2 2 Free nature and use of the website

Use of Global Representation Tourist Portal SL is free for users. Nevertheless, some of the services provided by Global Tourism Representation through the Website are subject to payment of a price in the manner set forth in the relevant Conditions.

2.3. User Registration

In general, the provision of the Services does not require prior subscription or registration of users. However, Global Representation Tourist SLcondiciona the use of some of the Services upon completion of the corresponding user record. The register shall be in the manner indicated in the service or in the Special Conditions governing it.

2.4. Obligation to make proper use of the Website, the Services and Content

The User agrees to use the Portal, Services and Contents made ​​available to Users on the Website in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, Conditions of certain Services and other notices, use regulations and instructions their knowledge, as well as morality and generally accepted good practices and public order. To this end, the User shall not use any of the Services and / or Content for illegal purposes, prohibited in this Legal Notice, detrimental to the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, overload, spoil or prevent the normal use of the services, the computer equipment or the documents, files and all type of contents stored in any computer (“hacking” or “hacking”) of Global Tourism Representation, other Users or any Internet user (hardware and software).

Global Representation Tourism reserves the right to take appropriate legal actions against users who violate or infringe the commitment stated in the preceding paragraph.

2.5. Links or hyperlinks

Global Representation may Tourism will provide access to other websites which we believe may be of interest. The purpose of these links is to facilitate the search of resources that may be of interest on the Internet. However, these pages do not belong to Global Tourism Representation, Representation and Global Tourism offers an overview of its contents and therefore can not be responsible for them.

2.6. Privacy

Global Representation Tourist complies with Organic Law 15/99 on the protection of personal data.

3 Intellectual Property and Industrial Property

The design of the Portal and its source code, logos, trademarks, designs, models and other distinctive signs appearing therein, belong to Global Representation Tourist or associates and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property. The contents of the Site are also protected by intellectual property rights of Global Representation Tourism or third parties. Use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, making available, transformation or any other similar or analogous activity is strictly prohibited, without the express permission of Global Representation Tourist or that such use occurs strictly within the terms associated with the employment of services offered through the Website. Global Representation Tourism reserves the right to pursue legal action against any Users who violate or infringe their intellectual property rights and / or industrial.

4 Responsibilities

Using the Portal: Portal access and correct use of the information contained herein are the responsibility of carrying out such actions is not liable Global Tourism Representation by misuse, illegal or negligent thereof could make the User.

Use of Contents: Global Representation Tourism provides all the contents of your Portal in good faith and use its best efforts to ensure that they are constantly updated and current however, Global Representation Tourism assumes no responsibility regarding the use or access made by users outside the area to which the Portal is addressed, whose ultimate responsibility always lies with the user. Users who acts against the image, good name or reputation of Global Representation Tourist and who use illegal or fraudulent designs, trademarks, logos or content of the website, be liable to Global Tourism Representation his performance. Therefore, the User shall refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain information, logos, tones, images, designs, trademarks, audio files and any other accessible sound and / or graphic material through the Portal using for that mechanisms other than those indicated in this Legal Notice and in the Portal.

Technology failures: Global Tourism Representation its best efforts so that the Portal will be uninterrupted, but can not guarantee the absence of technological failure or the permanent availability of the Site and the services contained therein and therefore, assumes no liability for damages that may arise from the lack of availability and the failures caused not attributable access disconnections, failures, overloads or network outages Global Tourism Representation.

Errors in recruitment: if the user makes a mistake in entering the data needed to carry out the contract, since it occurs by sending a message to an alphanumeric code, the user will not receive the service contract, without incurring any liability to Global Tourism Representation.

5 Applicable Law

The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms in this Legal Notice, and any matter relating to the services of this Site shall be Spanish law.

II) Ensuring Security and Data Protection website

6 General information on treatment of personal data:

Global Tourism Representation, SL ensures that the data you (hereinafter “customer” or “User”) provide to us through the page or through our emails will be treated confidentially and used only for those purposes for those who have given us your express consent.

Please note that for the processing of personal data you provide to us, will apply the Data Protection Act and any other applicable statutory provision.

We will explain in detail what will be the treatment of your personal data, what will be used and how you may at any time to access, modify or request to proceed to terminate your personal data in our database .

7 Register on our server:

At the time a customer registers on our secure server or place an order, your personal, household data, and relating to your purchases and payment methods, they are added to our database to process the order.

By accepting these terms, the client expressly authorizes GRT data for this record and any data obtained for the development of contractual relations between the parties may be used by TSO and other companies so that it can gurpo carrying out market and offer customers products and services that may be of interest, and to send our monthly newsletters.

8 Data Protection:

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that:

– As the owner, the manager of this file is Global Tourism Representation, SL CIF B-627.17.301 and registered office at Rambla de Catalunya, # 61 5º3ª of the town of Barcelona (08007). This file is registered in the General Registry of Data Protection and has the code assigned by that entity.

– GRT guarantees the confidentiality of all information provided by its customers. In addition to the minimum required by law, collection and processing of data are performed under safety standards that prevent the loss or manipulation of data.

9 Consent:

The User consents to the data reported here may be used for the delivery and management services GRT, including booking and payment of products and services through; incident management; compile statistics; sending advertising and other commercial promotions by email, SMS, MMS or any other similar means of GRT; conducting prize competitions and subscription to “newsletters” newsletters from the above company and other companies in the GRT group.

Also, for the best performance of its services, GRT may be required to provide certain information to their customers-name, address, phone, etc. to other companies that work with the provision of train service-companies, associates, financial institutions, etc.. In all cases that are provided are strictly necessary for the specific activity to be performed.

10 Right to information, rectification and cancellation:

The customer will always have the right to request information regarding your personal data stored in our database.

Likewise, and in accordance with applicable law, customers have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data. In addition, at any time, customers can express their desire not to receive any publicity.

For claims and downs, please contact:

Global Tourism Representation, SL

Rambla de Catalunya, # 61, 5º3ª

08007 Barcelona


III General Conditions of Contract

Object 11

Through the website portal managed by Global Tourism Representation, SL, the user has access to information, products and services of third parties relating to the sale of train tickets. In this sense GRT is merely representative of the railroad companies whose products the user has access, so GRT assumes no obligation or liability in respect of products or services not provided directly.

12 User Consent and Limitations

The User declares to be of legal age (over 18 years) and have the legal capacity to contract the services offered by the providers of the web

If hiring minors, permission of parents and / or guardians of those to enjoy the service contract is required.

The performance by the User of reservations and purchase products or services from those suppliers that the user chooses, be subject to the specific terms and conditions such suppliers established for each case.

These terms and conditions may be accessed by the user in the same web page tabs “Trains and trades in” and “Rates and Offers” and in the actual booking confirmation that you receive the User once the purchase.

The User agrees to accept and abide by the terms and conditions of purchase as stated by the suppliers with which the user must select contract, including, and not limited to, payment of any amounts due and compliance with any rules and restrictions regarding availability of fares, products or services. In the case of existing limitations and / or special restrictions that would affect the above, they will be reported to the user on the same screen before booking.

13. Prices

Final prices shown on screen include VAT and any other taxes that may be applicable at the rate prevailing at the time of recruitment.

14 Making and confirmation of the purchase:

It is important that the personal data provided by the User is complete and correct, and that will be the same as those used to issue the ticket, send the confirmation of purchase or contact the User if necessary.

After completing all the steps for the actual purchase of the ticket, the User will receive in the email you have provided to effect the purchase confirmation where detailing: Description of ticket purchased, price with VAT included and management costs disaggregated and the terms and conditions to proceed to make changes and cancellations.

15 Questions and modification of data held electronically Contract

TSO informs the user that the contract concluded by electronic means for the acquisition of goods and / or services will be filed in the records of GRT and will be accessible to the user at any time request to it via is or by calling 902 195 209 or 902 101 249.

Also it informs the user that he may, through the above, request correction of errors resulting from incorrect data entry.

16 Obligations of the User

The user thereof undertakes:

a) Provide accurate information about the data requested at the time of registering or placing an order.

b) Do not use false identities or impersonate others in the use of the site or any services offered by it, including the use of passwords or access codes to third parties or otherwise.

17 Policy Changes and Cancellations:

The policy changes and cancellation by the user shall always be subject to the rates and offers that he would have chosen. Users may consult at any time the above conditions on the “Prices and Deals” website

Similarly, the user will be informed of the terms and conditions to proceed to change and cancel your ticket at the time of booking and in confirmation of ticket purchase you’ll receive.